Today’s Vlog begins with the new Israeli Defense Force Strategy (IDF) for the next year.  This is particularly noteworthy because it is the first time in over half a century that it has been publicly released.

A significant change could be looming for the US peacekeeping force in the Sinai: its withdrawal.  In the aftermath of the Iran Deal, it may be a signal to both Egypt and Israel of the administrations displeasure with both governments, and its seeking to withdraw from another region of the Middle East.

Iran is still front and center in the news, especially with false statements and scare tactics being used by far too many people involved in the debate. We will present five questions for Congress to ask itself before they vote on the deal in just a few weeks. These questions are also a good source for you in your discussions with friends, to see if they are open minded about understanding its potential consequences, or if they are married to their political ideology and party.

Many people don’t realize that Iran has already been challenging the administration by transgressing current sanctions. Watch the following video and then decide for yourself if this deal will ever have consequences attached to Iranian provocations.

For more information on this topic, read my latest Jerusalem Post column: “What Should Congress Do It the Deal is Approved or Overridden.”

By mepin