The political manipulations of the Iran negotiations are not over.

The Obama administration is intent to show the world that its outreach to Iran on the nuclear deal will bear fruit to transform the regime into a member in good standing of the international community. The Iranians will be happy to play their part and continue to fool the West. So, expect Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian and three other Americans, unlawfully imprisoned by Iran, to be released and exchanged for Iranians jailed for sanctions violations in the West. This “magnanimous” Iranian gesture could even come during or right after Secretary of State Kerry meets with the Iranian Foreign Minister at the General Assembly next week. President Obama is reportedly still chasing President Rouhani for a meeting on the sidelines of the GA, but Rouhani is playing hardball just like during the negotiations. The majority of the UN General Assembly, which is composed of non-democratic nations, will give a standing ovation to the Iranian President whose nation wants to “annihilate” a member state of the UN, while that state’s Prime Minister will speak to a half empty auditorium because of anti-Semitism in the guise of anti-Zionism.

By mepin