From Dr. Mandel:

Today, scores of missiles were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel. My friend and colleague, Lt. Col (res.) Sarit Zehavi of the think tank Alma, an expert on the northern border, has shared videos of missiles intercepted over her home during today’s Passover lunch. She lives six miles from the Lebanese border with her family.

For context, Hezbollah is a direct arm of Iran. These strikes, whether from Hamas in Lebanon or Hezbollah, would not have happened without the approval of Iran. Iran has been escalating its provocations by sending a drone into Israel from the north last week and a terrorist that reached the Meggido junction. Whether Iran wants to escalate the tension or start, an all-out war is unknown. 

The orchestrated violence on the Temple Mount is used as an excuse for Iranian, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad attacks. Iran controls or supports the three groups.

The situation is unstable, and Israel’s security cabinet is meeting this evening to determine its response.

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By mepin