From Dr. Mandel:

This is a particularly volatile and dangerous time for Israel, with enemies like Iran and its proxies, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, threatening from all sides. At the same time, Israel’s domestic dispute on Judicial reform divides the nation, there is unrest and incitement in the West Bank, and anti-Semitism is rising worldwide.

If you live in the NY metropolitan area, I hope you will attend my talk this Tuesday evening, May 30th, at 7:30 PM in Westchester County at Beth El Synagogue in New Rochelle. I was privileged to be asked to be a speaker for the UJA series, Israel at a Crossroads.

I will also discuss the US-Israel relationship, the American view of the Middle East, and my recent trips to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman.

Finally, the White House has released its long-awaited report on anti-Semitism, and if we have time or in the Q & A, we can talk about how to define and combat anti-Semitism in America.

Please register by clicking the link in the flyer, which can be found here.

By mepin