On the second day of the war, I visited Ashkelon, targeted by Hamas missiles. My photos below include a line of tanks on the road to Sderot and an eerily quiet Tel Aviv in the evening. 

My interview on i24 TV in Israel this evening, which I will post tomorrow, covered these points:

• A national unity government is not only symbolic but sends the right message to the international community 

• Is Israel’s endgame deterrence or ending Hamas?

• The New York Times is already manipulating its coverage with sickening moral equivalence.

• Finally, after Secretary of State Blinken said there was no direct evidence of Iranian involvement in the war, a WSJ exclusive https://www.wsj.com/world/middle-east/iran-israel-hamas-strike-planning-bbe07b25 said, Iran Helped Plot Attack on Israel Over Several Weeks. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps gave the final go-ahead last Monday in Beirut. Iran’s direct involvement in arming and guiding Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad has been evident for years. 

Perhaps now the Biden administration will end its appeasement and outreach to a revolutionary regime with an ideology that cannot be appeased and views American concessions as weakness. 


By mepin