Dear MEPIN Readers,

Please take the time to watch this far-ranging discussion with Shahar Azani on JBS TV speaking about:

  • What are Israel’s options the day after it destroys Hamas
  • Israel’s ethical and operational challenges in attacking an enemy embedded within its civilian population 
  • What does international law say about fighting terrorists who break all the rules? 
  • Radical Islamism, which is alive and well, Sunni and Shiite, Arab and Persian
  • The silver lining of the return of Israeli cohesion 
  • The rise of Anti-Semitism on the American college campus and what should be done
  • What about the more significant threat in the North, Hezbollah?
  • Is America up to the challenge of Iran
  • Is the Saudi normalization dead

Watch the entire interview HERE.

Please share your thoughts.

By mepin