Dear MEPIN Readers,

This week, I spoke to an adult education group in Miami, Florida, on the topic of antisemitism in America and the college campus, with an Israel update based on my most recent meetings in Israel with political, intelligence, and defense leaders and on the frontlines. 

As we prepare for another semester of turmoil on college campuses with antisemitism rampant and university administrators cowardly, we are hoping that some of the pushback from donors, alums, and politicians has made a difference. Unless the DEI identity politics agenda is ended or reformed, which considers Jews as white oppressors, the downward spiral will continue. 

In the antisemitism section, you will learn:

  • Antisemitism on campus and in America had been on the rise well before October 7.
  • How to define antisemitism
  • Why universities and the administration need to accept the IHRA definition of antisemitism
  • Why the signs for the new semester are not promising

Please watch my Zoom presentation HERE. Use the password: pSn5?nbQ

By mepin