From Dr. Mandel:

Dear MEPIN Readers,

I was privileged today to brief the American Embassy in Oman on “How Can We Respectfully Discuss the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Without Crossing the Line Into Anti-Semitism?”

Oman is a nation that had an Israeli trade office in the past, is unique in not being majority Sunni or Shiite but Ibadi Islam, and prides itself on being neutral and a bridge between nations. I have and will continue to encourage them to find ways to openly engage with Israel, facilitate Palestinian-Israeli dialogue, and reopen an Israeli trade office for their economic benefit. They will need the approval of the Saudis, like the Emirates and Bahrainian did before the Abraham Accords, as they are a small nation a stone’s throw away from Iran.



Dr. Eric R. Mandel

Director MEPIN Middle East Political Information Network

Senior Security Editor Jerusalem Report

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