This video is a talk I gave to parents of Cornell college students who are deeply distressed about the atmosphere of anti-Semitism and intimidation their children are subjected to by pro-Hamas protestors, who cowardly university administrators allow to rampage their campus without consequences.

In this talk, I focused on what has been happening on the American college campus with videos of students speaking up and examples of some of the more egregious anti-Semitic events. There is also a video by an Israeli security officer of what he encountered as a first responder entering the Nova concert massacre, as well as a compilation from the Israeli government.

The need to watch these videos is not only to remind people why this war occurred but to counteract Palestinians and Hamas sympathizers’ claims that the massacre never happened, or was created by AI, or that the Israelis committed the atrocities to justify conquering Gaza. 

Please click on the LINK to watch the full video of the talk.

As the media focus is all on Gazan civilian casualties without context, claiming each side is committing a massacre, it is essential not to forget what happened and that radical Islamism must be eradicated in Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, if Israel is to survive. 

By mepin