Dear MEPIN Readers,

Over the next two days, I will share with you segments of my interview on i24TV from Dec. 21, 2023, sharing my analysis of the war with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran, “The Day After,” anti-Semitism on the college campus, and the American administration’s perspectives for the region. This is based on my firsthand experience with frontline units in the north and south, with intelligence, defense, political, and security experts in Israel.

The first video puts into perspective what is happening in northern Gaza and analyzes the call for a ceasefire.

In the second video, I discuss with Haisam Hassanein of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies the role Egypt needs to play in the future of Gaza, including dealing with the tunnel network from the Sinai into Gaza. Then, we discuss the Saudi peace plan and what needs to happen for an Israeli victory.

In the third video, I discuss the hostages, Israel’s dilemma, and the role of Qatar in the Middle East. 

By mepin