In this inspiration interview, Rukhsi of Creatifecundity, Incorporated engages with Dr. Eric Mandel of StandWithUs on the vital importance of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and StandWithUs for Middle East and world security, and we call on all of you with the means to dual donate now to the IDF and StandWithUs at the respective links below: ~ Donate now and any time to this ongoing Friends of the Israel Defense Forces online fundraiser to support the IDF in their vital mission to eliminate terrorism and stabilize and secure the Middle East at the following link:… and ~ Donate now and any time to StandWithUs at the following link:…

Dear MEPIN Readers,

In this video, I was interviewed by an Indian influencer whose audience ranges from young social justice warriors to an older generation. She is pro-Israel and wanted to expose them to a more wide-ranging perspective on the crisis in the Middle East.  It was an opportunity to speak more fully on Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and anti-Semitism.

Please share your thoughts. 

Go HERE to watch the interview on YouTube.

By mepin