(Erbil, Kurdistan – Jan. 17, 2024) My interview today was with another Iraqi TV station to discuss the Iranian attack on the Kurdish capital of Erbil that killed at least four civilians, including an eleven-month-old child. Iran also struck Pakistan and Syria in what it called actions in response to the bombing in Iran at a commemoration for the IRGC terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani.  Iran claimed the attack in Erbil was at a Mossad facility.

What makes these actions significant is that instead of using its proxies, Iran itself attacked three nations. Even though Iraq is under the thumb of Iran, Baghdad recalled its ambassador to Iran. Iran will continue to be aggressive until Iran itself has significant kinetic or financial consequences. 

Below is my interview in English and Kurdish. As always, please share your thoughts. 

Interview in Kurdish. See below for answers in English.
Answers in English.

By mepin